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Banty Rooster only

made one Looney

Tunes appearance.

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Banty Rooster

Banty Rooster's appearance in the Looney Tunes cartoons
was limited to one role in the 1963 Banty Raids picture.

Banty plays the role of a beatnik rooster that is certainly
out of place and makes like an orphan to get adopted by Foghorn

Banty is one cool chick himself and makes a habit out of
chasing the female chicks around the barnyard.

Foghorn tries to teach Banty how to outsmart Barnyard Dawg
but Barnyard Dawg prevails in the end.

Some of Banty Rooster's Sayings

Crazy man, ca-razy
Crazy, man
Dig this getup man, it's the most
Don't let it bug ya man, like, we can't all be perfect

Gee whiz, willikins, golly gee
How 'bout that, the pad's patrolled
I dig ya, daddy-o
Like uh, clue me the door, chickie

Like uh, link us man, link us
Like, adios my friend
Man, you're a weirdo chick
Man, you're the sickest

Sick man, sick
This dog's a swingin' cat
Uh oh, fake it, the fuzz
Wild, man, real wild
Ya better bug out, baby
Yahoo! Wild!

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