Keep your kitty Looking Beautiful
with these Cat Grooming Combs

Why should I get a Cat Comb?

The cat comb is a grooming instrument that helps your
cat maintains a healthy coat. Some cats need regular
grooming. The fur of long haired breeds need special
care including combing, and even a short haired cat
needs some grooming done by its humans. Combing your
cat's fur improves your cat's health as well as the
bond between cat and owner.

The cat comb needs to be bought with your cat in mind.
Do you have a short hair or a long hair cat? Are you
grooming your cat to show it? Are you grooming your cat
for health reasons? You need to think about the needs
of your cat and whether or not your cat needs a
specific type of comb for grooming purposes.

There are several different types of combs that are
used for differing purposes. For instance:

- The Flea Comb
- The Slicker
- The Fine Tooth Comb
- The Shedding Comb
- The Undercoat Rake
- The Steel Comb
- The Matting Comb
- The Mat and Tangle Splitter
- The Detangle Comb
- The Dematting Comb
- The Rotating Teeth Comb
- Etcetera

The most common purposes that a cat comb is used for is
shedding, detangling or dematting and flea control.
There are multiple different combs to fit the specific
needs of your cat.

Some cats have a top coat and an undercoat. These two
different coats need special attention and different
combs to prevent matting and tangling that is painful
for your cat. These combs prevent skin, coat and fur
issues that can arise if the cat isn't groomed regularly.

Short-haired cats need less attention but benefit from
flea combs and shedding combs. A short haired cat does
develop a winter coat just like a long haired cat. In
the spring and summer they shed the excess fur and if
the fur isn't combed health problems like fur balls,
dull coat and flea infestations can arise.

It is a benefit to you as well to comb your cat
regularly because it deepens the bond between cat and
owner. One and one grooming time with your cat is a
wonderful way to exchange affection and love. Spending
the time and effort to comb your cat's hair leaves your
cat looking healthier and actually being healthier.

These priced to sell Cat Grooming Combs will help keep
your precious kitty well groomed and looking great.

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