Comb out the fleas with these Quality Cat Flea Combs

Very fine-tooth cat flea combs that trap fleas when you comb
through your cat's coat. Using a cat flea comb is about
the safest way you can remove fleas. It
involves no chemicals, and the cat doesn't get wet.

These wholesale Cat Flea Combs will help keep
fleas on your kitty under control

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Combing the kitty with a Flea Comb

The flea comb is a fine toothed metal comb that
confines fleas and makes it much easier to remove them
from your cat. If you are concerned about the known
toxicity of flea sprays and powders to cats and to
humans as well, as we are, a flea comb is invaluable.

Try to start flea combing as early as possible on your
cat. The younger in age your cat is the easier it is
for the cat to get used to and accept flea combing. It
is best to start flea-combing your cat as a kitten so
that you can create a lifelong habit and your cat will
put up with your combing it.

If your cat has fleas you need to comb your cat daily,
if not twice a day. If you don't think that your cat
has fleas, then once every week or two is probably
often enough. You should also take into consideration,
if you have a dog, that when you and the dog walk
outside you can bring in fleas that may infest your cat
even if it is an indoor-only cat.

If you live in an area that has a problem with fleas
then you should flea comb your cat fairly frequently.
Frequency depends on where you live and if your cat is
an indoor or outdoor cat, but you should comb your cat
more frequently during flea season in general. To
prevent a major flea outbreak in your home it is best
to catch fleas as soon as possible and one way of doing
this is by regularly flea combing your cat.

When you start to flea comb your cat you should have
some things ready before you start, like a bowl of
soapy water or alcohol, and a towel. When flea combing
it is important to start at one end of the cat and move
to the other end like from the head to the tail.

While combing, pay special attention to the areas that
fleas like to congregate such as the head, neck, back,
base of the tail and hindquarters. When you see a flea
caught in the comb, stop and then push the flea off of
the comb into the soapy water. You can use your finger
to do this, or place the entire comb into the soapy
water if you don't want to touch the flea and then wipe
off the excess water on the towel. Be sure that the
flea is removed into the soapy water. When you are done
you can flush or throw out the soapy water and dead

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