Charlie Brown's Baseball Team

Schroeder: Get this last man out Charlie Brown
and the championship is ours!

Violet: You can do it, Charlie Brown...we're all
behind you!

Lucy: "That's right, Charlie Brown...we're with you...
pitch it to im, boy! Strike Him out. You blockhead!"

Gang: "It's a high fly ball! Catch it Charlie Brown!
Catch it and the championship is ours!"

"Have you got it, Charlie Brown?" 
"Don't Miss It."
"Get under it Charlie Brown."

"Isn't this exciting?" 
"What if he drops it?"
"If he drops it, let's all kick him!"

"If Charlie Brown catches this fly ball, we'll win the championship."
"Just think of it...we'll be champions."
"We'll all get our names in the paper."

"And they'll give a gold cup!"
"And pins and buttons and pennants."

"It's Coming down!"

Charlie Brown: "If I catch it, we'll win the championship
and I'll be the HERO! If I miss it, I'll be the GOAT!
I can hear it now....'Charlie the Goat Brown!' Good
Grief! How did I ever get into this?"

the fly ball comes down, lands in Charlie Brown's 
glove....and drops out on the ground

Gang: "AAUGH!"

"He dropped it."

"Charlie Brown dropped the ball!"
"We could have been champions!"

"Now we're Nothing...WHAAAHHH!"

Charlie Brown: "So I drop the fly ball and we lose 
the championship! I could have been the hero....
instead I'm the GOAT. The other team is carrying
their manager home on their shoulders....Heros
ride....Goats walk. I wanted so much to be the hero.
But I always end up being the Goat! No matter how
hard I try, I always end up being the Goat!"


Charlie Brown: "I had the ball right in my glove
and I dropped it! But what am I? I'm the Goat! I'm
Always the goat."

Snoopy: "BAAHHHHH!!"

Linus: "Don't feel bad Charlie Brown. So you dropped
the ball and we lost the championship...It's not the
end of the world....


Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player of all time
and his inspiration for being the best manager he
can be is Joe Schlabotnik. (Although he also likes
Sandy Koufax and Joe Garagiola).

Whenever Joe Schlabotnik gets sent to the lowest of the minor leagues,
Charlie Brown doesn't care. He sticks by his hero,
rooting for him no matter his batting average or where he's at.

In one strip, Charlie Brown buys $5 worth of bubblegum
cards and doesn't get a single Joe Schlabotnik card.
Lucy buys one cent worth of cards and,  gets Joe Schlabotnik.

Charlie Brown offers his entire collection for the card
but Lucy rejects it, saying Schlabotnik is "kind of cute."

After Charlie Brown slumps off in despair, Lucy tosses
the card in the garbage can, saying, "He's
not as cute as I thought he was."

The only time Charlie Brown actually gets to go see
Joe Schlabotnik and his team play (the Waffletown Syrups),
Joe was fired right before the game as manager for
calling a squeeze play with no one on base.

Even still, Charlie Brown goes to the team bus to have
Joe sign a baseball and says to Joe:
"Try not to cry on the ball, Joe. ... It makes the ink run."

In the final game of the season, Snoopy comes up to
bat. He's one home run shy of Babe Ruth's home run record,
and this is his last chance to tie Ruth before Hank Aaron
does. Too bad for Snoopy....Charlie Brown gets picked
off second base to end the season.

Charlie Brown's team usually end up losing with
scores of 40-0, 123-0, and even an incredible 200-0.

In one Peanuts segment Charlie got his squad out on the
field early in the spring to get ready for the coming
season. Linus thinks it may a bit too early when it begins snowing.

Charlie Brown yells back, "We have to start now. We
need practice! Don't go home! Come back!" As Linus and
Snoopy walk away, Charlie stands alone as the snow turns
him into a snowman.

Another time Charlie Brown was seen checking out the
ball field when Schroeder came by to ask, "Well, how
does the field look this year?"

Charlie Brown: "I think groundskeeper Snoopy is doing
a good job. The infield looks great, and the outfield
has never looked better. I think it's because of the
new automatic sprinkling system." At that point Snoopy
whistles and his many little bird friends begin
pouring water over the grass with tiny water cans.

Perhaps Schroeder has a finger on why the team doesn't
do well.....

Schroeder: "One finger will mean a fastball which
isn't very fast anyway. Two fingers will be your
curve which doesn't curve at all. Three fingers
will be your changeup which hasn't fooled anyone yet.
Four fingers is a pitchout, but we won't use that one."

Charlie Brown: "Why not?"

Schroeder: "Because everything you throw looks like a pitchout."

After one long, losing season, Manager Charlie Brown
is found sitting in his beanbag thinking of next year already.....

"I'll burst forth like a bird from an egg, and face
the new world." That is what spring and a new baseball
season is all about."

Another Spring finds Charlie Brown lowering the pitchers
mound, when Lucy asks why, he explains...
Charlie Brown: "It seems that we pitchers dominated
the game too much last year."

Lucy Replies: "HA HA HA HA!"

Charlie Brown:"I knew I shouldn't have said that."

Of course, when Charlie Brown's team does finally win
a game, it ends up being forfeited to the other team
because of a gambling scandal. Snoopy, Charlie Brown's
beagle and star of the team, bet a nickel against his
own team, a scandal of massive proportions.

As Charlie Brown is meeting with the Little League president,
he confides: "One of my great regrets is thatI never got to meet
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis."

But Charlie Brown isn't always the a most
historic moment on March 30, 1993....the great-grand-
daughter of Roy Hobbs is pitching for the opposing team.

In his final at bat of the season, Charlie Brown
gives a might swing to a fastball, and actually
hits a home run to win the game!.....his first ever
home run in 43 years.

Don't know who Roy Hobbs is?
Find out Here

The "official" roster of Charlie Brown's team:

Pitcher and Manager:   Charlie Brown
Catcher:   Schroeder
1st Base:   Shermy
2nd Base:   Linus or Pig-Pen
3rd Base:   Pig-Pen
Shortstop:   Snoopy
Left Field:   Patty or Rerun
Center Field:   Frieda
Right Field:   Lucy

Over the years there were occasional changes to the
lineup, in fact in the early days, Shermy pitched
and Charlie Brown was found catching or in the outfield.

As a Note: There was a "real" player named Charlie Brown who
played in Major League baseball.

Charlie Brown
Charles E. Brown

Bats Unknown, Throws Left
Height 6' 0", Weight 180 lb.

Debut August 4, 1897
Born 1878 in Baltimore, MD

He played in 1897 for the 5 place Cleveland Spiders
of the National League.

Played in 4 games with 11 at bats and 4 hits.
Pitched  24 1/3 innings and gave up 30 hits and 25 runs.

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