Easily groom any dog at home with these Dog Grooming Tables

If you have decided to handle your dog's grooming needs
yourself at home, you may want to seriously consider
investing in a dog grooming table. Grooming your dog on a
table is much easier for you and your dog for a variety of

You can find a large selection of dog grooming tables
available at specialty suppliers and also on the Internet.
They range widely in price depending on the quality of the
materials and craftsmanship, just as with any type of
furniture. The most important thing is to make sure that the
table you are buying is sturdy and can hold your dog safely
even at full growth.

In addition to the grooming table you should also purchase a
separate attachable grooming arm with a grooming noose.
Having this piece of equipment attached to your grooming
table is essential for your dog's safety and will also make
grooming easier for you.

Once you have your table and noose put together, you should
find a quiet place to set it up. You want to do your
grooming in an area that has few distractions as possible so
your dog will stay calm and relaxed during the grooming

As with any new activity with your dog, you will have to
implement some training. You must teach your dog to calmly
stand on the grooming table for what sometimes may be long
stretches without getting frustrated or stressed out. If
your dog tends to be nervous with new experiences you might
try standing the dog on the grooming table for short periods
each day, giving it its favorite snack and petting it for a
bit. Increase the length of the lesson each day until your
dog is used to the table and no longer frightened.

It's also a good idea to familiarize your dog with the tools
you will be using to groom it. An easy way to do this is to
sit in a quiet area with your dog and lay out all the tools
next to you. Pet your dog all over its body to get it used
to your touch everywhere. Throughout this petting reinforce
the dog's good behavior with treats. Then progress to doing
the petting with various grooming tools. Just rub the tool
up and down your dog's coat while reinforcing its calm
behavior with treats.

Now that your dog is comfortable with the tools it is time
to get it up on the table. You want to continue to reinforce
good behavior with treats. Make sure to keep your dog
centered on the table and calm at all times. If the dog
becomes highly stressed or irritable it may be a good idea
to take it down for a while give him a cool off period and
try again once it is calmed down.

If you continue the training and grooming session in calm,
assured attitude, eventually grooming sessions should become
a pleasant time of personal attention from you and you might
even find the dog eagerly cooperating with your grooming

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