Quickly Blow Dry your Dog's Hair at Home

Dog Hair Dryers

In the first few months after your new puppy comes to
live with you, get it used to being bathed, dried with
a dog hair dryer and groomed, and you will thank
yourself for all of your dog's life. This is especially
true if your dog is a long-haired breed. Once a dog is
very frightened by anything it takes much longer to
acclimate it, so take it slowly and calmly and let your
dog adjust to the changing sensations and sounds.

During bathing, drying and grooming, most dogs dislike
and/or are frightened by the noise of the hair dryer
and the electric clippers the most. The high-pitched
sound of most small motors used in things such as hair
dryers will hurt your dog's ears and it will likely
begin to dislike baths and grooming sessions, making
the entire process harder for both you and your dog.

Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, and
can hear high sounds that we simply don't pick up. So
when your dog gets nervous or shies away from some
noises, don't think it is just being silly, it may be
hearing painful sounds of which you are not aware.
Putting cotton balls into the dog's ears loosely before
turning on the dryer can help a bit.

So when you go to purchase your new hair dryer, choose
one that has been especially designed for dogs to be
quieter than human hair dryers. There are dog hair
dryers on the market that are up to 90% quieter than
the average human hair dryer. Your dog and its very
sensitive ears will thank you.

Dog hair dryers come in a number of sizes. Some are
hand-held and look very similar to human hair dryers,
although the dog blow dryers may be decorated with
pictures of bones or doggies or the like.

Some dog hairdryers are made to fit onto a stand or
mount on the side of the dog grooming table. This way
you can run the dryer and still use your hands for
brushing and combing the dog. Being able to brush while
drying is very helpful in grooming some dog breeds.

When using a hair dryer, be careful not to burn the
dog's skin. And if you are going to treat the dog for
fleas, wait a few days after the dog's bath so there
will be enough oils in the fur to allow the flea
treatment to work properly.

Blow dry your dog's hair fast with
our Made to Last Dog Hair Dryers

Indispensable with groomers and show people
and useful at home, particularly in winter.

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