Animals and Pets We've Watched on TV

How much fun we had watching our favorite cartoon
and animal characters on television and in the movies.
Here, we give honor to these famous pets and famous

*     Famous CATS

Cats in Movies

Cats on TV and TV Commercials

Cats that Famous People Have Owned

Famous Cats Page One:     Garfield,   Sylvester,  Snagglepuss,  Salem,  Heathcliff,   Felix The Cat,  The Cat In The Hat,  Calvin & Hobbes

Famous Cats Page Two:          Morris,  The Pink Panther,  Top Cat,  Catwoman,  The Cheshire Cat,  Tom & Jerry

Famous Cats Page Three:        Tony the Tiger,  Arlene,  Snowball I, Courageous Cat,  Mr. Jinks,  The Esso tiger

Famous Cats Page Four:       Aristocats,  Eek The Cat,  Mimsey,  Puss In Boots,  Ruff & Reddy,  Super Snooper

Famous Cats Page Five:     Nermals,  Bonkers D. bobcat,  Figaro, Sebastian,  Lucifer,  Mr. Henderson,  Snowball II

Famous Lions

The Lion King

*    Famous Dogs

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Gang

*    Famous Horses

Trigger, Buttermilk, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

List of Famous Race Horses

*    Famous Rabbits

A Comprehensive List of Fictional Rabbits
Benny Rabbit on Sesame Street
Br'er Rabbit & Uncle Remus
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Cartoons
Bugs Bunny Sayings

Energizer Bunny & Duracell Bunnies
Jessica Rabbit

Lola Bunny
Mr. Bunny Rabbit (Captain Kangaroo)
Quicky the Nestle Quik Bunny

Rabbit Maranville
Roger Rabbit

The Easter Bunny
The March Hare
Peter Rabbit
The Hare & Tortoise
The Trix Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit

*    Famous Birds

Famous Birds in Mythology, Movies, Cartoons, etc

Big Bird
Chicken Little
Cornelius Rooster
Daisy Duck
Daffy Duck
Darkwing Duck
Donald Duck

Huey, Louie and Dewey Duck
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Mac The Real Macaw
Miss Prissy
Mother Goose & Her Nursery Rhymes

Owl in Winnie the Pooh
Scrooge McDuck
The Ugly Duckling
Toucan Sam
Woody Woodpecker

Famous Looney Tunes Birds

Banty Rooster
Beaky Buzzard
Daffy Duck
Egghead Jr.
Foghorn Leghorn

Henery Hawk
Homer Pigeon
Little Rooster

Malcolm Falcon
Minah Bird
Miss Prissy
Road Runner
Sinatra Canary
Tom Turk
Von Vulture

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