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Horse Health Care Tips & Information

Free information on all aspects of Horse Health Care.
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Crazy Horse Tack & Gift Shop
How to Properly Fit a Saddle
All about Saddles & Tack
Making Sure your Horse's Blanket Fits

Does your Horse need a Turnout Blanket?
Types of Bit
Finding the Right Bit
How to Fit a Saddle

Problems with Hot Spots?
Here's the Answer!===>  Soothing Mist Spray

See pictures of Shadow & Smokey the Horse's at PetCareTips

Horse Humor
Seabiscuit: the Story of the Horse...America Fell in Love With
Murphy's Law for Horses & Horse Owners
Horse Light Bulb Jokes
A Humorous Look at Equestrian Terminology
Mister Ed the Talking Horse

Farrier/Hoof Care Horse's Feet Stink.....all about Thrush
Hoof Abscesses
Choosing a Farrier
White Line Disease
All about Hoof Injuries

All about Canker
5 Ways to Save Money Shoeing your Horse
Your Horse's Feet...a Good Foundation is Important

Hoof Cracks
How to Correctly Shoe a Horse

Reproduction & Foaling
Stress Free Foaling
Caring for the Newborn Foal
All about Foaling
Caring for an Orphaned Foal

Feeding your Broodmare
Foal Emergencies
Preparing for Foaling weeks in Advance
Heat Cycles in Mares

Getting a Stallion Ready for Breeding
Growth of the Healthy Foal

General Horse Care & Info

It's about your Horse's Health....with Dr. Jane Bicks!
What to Look for in a Quality Nutritious Treat
Giving your Horse a Bath
How yo Clip & Trim your Horse
A Guide to Proper Grooming

Equine Training 101
How to Buy a Horse
How Horse's Learn & Think
Equine Terminology
Equine Trivia & Interesting Facts about Horses

Pasture Management
Developing a Grazing Management Plan
Summer Pastures for Horses
Poisonous Plants & their Symptoms

Hay Quality and Horse Nutrition
Safety around Horses
First Aid Kit for Horse's & Horse Owners
Emergency Wound Care for Horses

Winterize your Horse
How to read a Feed Tag
What to do when Caught in a Storm while Riding
Catching a Difficult Horse

Loading a Scared Horse
Symptoms of Heat Stress in Horses
Internal Parasite Control
All about Parasites in Horses

External Parasites
Lumps, Bumps, Knots, & Knobs
Probiotics for Horses
Care of the Older Horse

Chiropractic Care for Horses
How to tell a Horse's Age by Teeth
When it's time to Euthanize
Taking Care of your Horse's Teeth
Keep him a Stallion or not

Cribbing & Stable Behavior
How to choose a Boarding Stable
Chronic Weight Loss in Horses
Weight Reduction in Horses

Preventing Tendon Injuries
Types of Horses by Classification
Colors & Markings of a Horse
Proper Equine Conformation

Joint Health for Older Horses
Joint Health for young Horses
Taking Care of your Horse Holistically
Using Natural Supplements for Performance Horses

Equine Health & Diseases

Thumps   (Hiccoughs)  (SDF)
Wobbler Syndrome

Equine Infectious Anemia
Azotoria   Tying-Up Syndrome
Moon Blindness
Equine Anhidrosis

Respiratory Disease
Chronic Cough
Head Shaking

Equine Motor Neuron Disease
Founder & Laminitis
Dryland Distemper.....Pigeon Fever

Grass Sickness
Cushings Disease
Dental Problems

Equine Protozoa Myelitis  EPM

Equine Encephalomyelitis/Sleeping Sickness
Equine Viral Arteritis
Equine Rhinopneumonitis
Potomac Horse Fever  (PHF)

Rabies & Horses
HYPP   Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis
Equine Herpes Virus   (EHV)

Diagnose & Treat Hyperlipemia
Upward Patellar Fixation - Lameness

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