Commonly Asked Questions About Santa's Elves

How Many Elves Are There?

That's something no one knows exactly. Elves are such fast  little beings, and they are rarely ever all in the same  place at the same time, that it's most difficult to
count them. 

Rest assured, there will never be a shortage of elves
New Christmas elves and other kinds of elves are born frequently. When the last rays of the evening sun meet with the Northern Lights, the wind is from the North and the stars are shining, that's when elves are born. 


Do the Elves Have Names?

Yes they do. Elves have all sorts of names, common names like we have and funny names, for just about every name you can think of, an elf also has that name.



Do All Elves Have Pointed Ears?

No, only some do. It's the same thing as some cows have horns and some don't. Some elves have genetic dispositions that make their ears pointed, while others don't.

Do Elves Play Games Like We Do?

Yes, they do. Elves like to play lots of different games.
Every time they make a toy game, they have to test the
game to make sure it works, it's part of Santa's quality control system.

When elves aren't making toys or doing their chores,
they relax by playing games with each other. Some of the games they enjoy are snowball fights, pillow fights,
Tag The Elf, Elf Bowl and many of the games you like to play.

Remember: to make fun toys, you have to know how to play with toys and since the elves play a lot, that helps them be better toy makers!


Do All Elves Make Toys?

Centuries ago every elf was a toymaker, now the toymaker  is a special revered guild of elves. Not every elf can be a toy maker, although every elf dreams of
someday getting to work in Santa's Toy Shop.

Besides being toymakers, there are thousands of different things  elves do. Some are in charge of taking care of the reindeer, some take care of Santa's clothes, some work in the office reading letters, some take care of Santa's sleigh, some help Mrs. Claus in the kitchen,
and some are in charge of providing entertainment for
Santa and the other elves on those long, cold winter nights.

There are elves who are electricians and keep all the lights working at Santa's Village, there are elves who are plumbers and keep water flowing into the village, there are elves who are farmers that grow the Magic Corn for the reindeer.

There are also elves who go around the world watching boys and girls to see if they really are naughty or nice. You better watch out!

What Do Elves Eat? 

Elves love food -- all kinds of foods. Elves love the
sugar cookies and candy canes that Mrs. Claus makes.
They also like all types of food. They eat a lot of fish. 
Elves absolutely love peas. And salad is a real delicacy for  them because at the North Pole the weather is so bad they can't grow their own vegetables. So they love
salad and fruits of all kinds. 

Are There Different Types of Elves?

Yes, in fact just like there are different types of humans
like Americans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, and Africans, there are different types of elves.

Some of the more commonly known types of elves include: Red Elves, Black Elves, Blue Elves, White Elves, Yellow Elves, Green Elves, Brown Elves, Fire Elves, and Moon Elves.

Are Elves Santa's Children?

In one respect they are, everyone that believes in Santa
is considered one of his children. But they are not biological children like you are a biological child of your parents.

A long, long time ago, there were not a lot of people on Earth,  so Santa did not need any help in making and giving out his toys.

As the population of the world got bigger and bigger,
Santa found he couldn't keep up by himself, so he was
given helpers by The Council of Immortals. These

Do The Elves Use Computers?

The North Pole is completely up to date!  Computers are used now to design toys and to schedule Santa's trip. Elves take care of the huge database of all the boys and girls Santa gives presents to and the elves also use computers to monitor the weather.

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