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Agility Training Tips During the Winter
By: Tippy

What dulls the edges of hard won agility training during the
summer? The winter. Depending on where you live, you can
continue to agility train most of the year round. But for those
people who end up having to dig out of snow during the
winter months there may also be a way to keep that agility
training with your dog sharp as a tack. Why not bring the
agility training indoors - inside your home?

Do you have an unused room, store room, garage, hallway,
basement or attic? Then with a little tidying you have a
place that you and your dog can train. Move the equipment
pieces that you can to an inside room or shelter outside so
that it doesn't get frozen and buried outside. Then begin
your indoor training by bringing inside once piece of
equipment at a time to train with.

One of the pieces of equipment called a "Pause Table" is
excellent for agility training and obedience training. Doing
a lot of training with the pause table will not only help
with this particular obstacle it will help with all of the
other equipment by reinforcing obedience behaviors and
teaching directional commands.

Working on your contacts is a good thing to do inside during
the winter months as well. Buying a three piece contact
trainer will help with this. This piece of equipment
consists of a Pause Table, A-Frame and a Dog-Walk Plank. You
can practice with your pooch by having it put two feet on
and two feet off. With an indoor contact area this becomes a
simple, quick and convenient way to train your dog for a few
minutes every day to reinforce and steady your dog's

Any form of jumping done indoors must be carefully
considered before attempting. If you don't have carpet or
non-slip rugs you don't want your dog jumping in your home.
You can risk injury to your dog on concrete and scratches to
your wood floor if that is what you have. If you have a
floor that is safe, you can practice handling your dog using
posts and uprights.

Use your command lines like "Sit-Stay" or "Down-Stay".
Practicing your lines through the routine and dog paths
without the various jump bars will help reinforce to the dog
the certain tricks it will be required to perform and help
you to remember which and what comes next.

Weaving can be practiced indoors as well. Practicing weave
entry, weave sends and weave recalls five minutes a day
throughout the winter will improve your dog's performance
through this obstacle by spring. Be careful to make sure
that you are using the right type of weaves, weave-chute or
straight line weaves.

Depending on the space you have available you can buy mini
agility equipment to train your dog on during the winter
months. This type of equipment is great for training your
puppy to do agility training. So don't think that you have
to lug the heavy platform equipment inside if you don't have
the room for it anyway.

The important thing to do is to reinforce the training you
have developed with your dog over the summer. You want your
dog to stay sharp, obedient and precise. This is for puppy
agility training, novice agility training or even
experienced titled dogs. There is always some way to improve
your agility training, even indoors during the winter

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